Who we are – Directory

Darren Wyville President DW@VintWine.com
Steve Gifford Vice President S.Gifford@VintWine.com
Louis Kastelic Director of Accounting and HR L.Kastelic@VintWine.com
Will Nadzam Director of Purchasing WN@VintWine.com
Tricia Phelan Director of  Marketing TP@VintWine.com
Michelle Geer Administrative Director MG@VintWine.com
Mark Bett Operations Manager – Columbus MB@VintWine.com
Linda Wallace Office Manager – Columbus LAW@VintWine.com
Rashelle Hudson Office Manager – West Chester RH@VintWine.com
Cheryl Froggatt Warehouse Manager – Columbus CLF@VintWine.com
Casey Forbes Chairman CF@Vintwine.com