Our Warehouse Crews are fantastic!

March 16th, 2016

 In 2014, their accuracy was exemplary – in 2015, they out did themselves!


Statewide, our crews had an accuracy of 99.9861% for a total of 171 “mispulls” for the year versus 205 the previous year. A mispull, as we define it, means the wine on the order does not match the line on the invoice (i.e. the delivery has Cabernet, but the invoice says Chardonnay).


Picking orders is not an easy job; picking orders with this degree of accuracy is even tougher. There is a great sense of immediacy in that almost all orders are picked for next day delivery.  After the cut off time, routing must be done, bulk picking arranged, and picklists, load sheets and route sheets must be created and only then does the picking start in earnest.


During the evening, our staff also has to deal with any changes to orders, add-ons and special instructions. About 75% of our orders are loose bottles. Bottles are packed in cartons then matched up with the full cases and the trucks are loaded. There are a lot of opportunities for mistakes – which our people don’t make!


Our accuracy means that the product we are delivering to our customers is exactly what is on the invoice 99.9861% of the time! Accuracy saves everyone time, aggravation and money. It also speaks to the Corporate Culture at Vintage Wine. Accuracy Matters – you can count on us!


It is our job to be a Partner in Profit with all our trading partners.  Accuracy is an important part of that job.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Thank You Warehouse Crews…Well Done!

          -Casey Forbes

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