Our Warehouse Crew!

January 8th, 2015

     For the year 2014, our warehouse crews in Cleveland and Columbus achieved respectively 99.9806% and 99.9858% accuracy.
What this means is YOUR orders are assembled correctly and with care.

The result:

• efficient use of your time checking orders in

• efficient use of our Delivery Driver’s time  

• very few orders to correct

• work you can depend on from our people and companies

     Four years ago, we set a goal of 99.5% accuracy. After 3 months, our staff was doing such a great job we raised the bar and tracked performance to 4 decimal places.
Our staff came through with flying colors. It is remarkable how good these folks are. They have been performing at a very high level of accuracy and getting better every year.

Well Done!

Cleveland Picking Crew

Columbus Night Crew

Columbus Picking Crew 2014



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