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October 16th, 2011

It has taken us a while; we are probably the last distributor in the country to launch a website. Finally, here it is. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. It is our intention to continually improve the site, making it a worthwhile source of information for all who use it.

Vintage Wine was issued its first permit from the Department of Liquor Control in April, 1972. Next year will mark the company’s 40th year in business. As I reflect on these years, I am impressed with the consistency of one part of our culture. Certainly, solid business practices have to be in place to stay in business. Those practices need to be continually adjusted to the needs of and the opportunities of the business and the market. Businesses that don’t adapt, don’t survive. But one aspect of our culture has stayed constant: Customer Service.

Customer Service is an easy concept to talk about and to theorize about. But if the actions don’t follow the words, it remains a theory. Every business talks about theirs – but it is much more than a talking point or a principal. Customer Service can be taught, it can be learned, it can come from “within,” it can be intuitive or it can be forced. But it is what distinguishes companies. Ultimately, it is a long term commitment; it is a Life Style.

We all know businesses that brag about it. But as their customer, we need to feel it, to experience it. Customer Service involves action that is in the best interest of someone else, the customer, the person or entity turning over their money for your service. It is judged by the perceptions of the Customer, not by the “extra work” of the provider.

At Vintage Wine, this culture of Customer Service manifests itself in many ways, obvious and sublime. It is the foundation and guide for our interactions with others, our conversations, our planning, our intent, our content, our structure, our action.

It is within us, the people of Vintage Wine Distributor, to act in such a way that you, our customer, both external and internal, feel that we are appropriately addressing your needs and opportunities. This is the life we lead.

Thank you for honoring us with the opportunity to be of service.

-Casey Forbes

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